Tres Hombres Austria
Tres Hombres Austria
Tres Hombres is so close to the final destination, Amsterdam, but since they entered the English Channel last week, the Wind decided to provide a final test for our sailors.

Our crew is currently beating up the Easterlies winds in the North Sea after an already challenging English Channel passage. They are perfecting the art of tacking indeed! Not that they need it after 6 months at sea sailing across the Atlantic twice but there is always something more, something new, to learn on board and we should never take our experience and knowledge for granted and complete. Another lesson from the Big Blue!

While here in the headquarters in Den Helder we wait for them and follow the wake of the ship from the tracker, checking the wind forecasts, making predictions and bets, getting ready for arrival and unloadings, we also want to grab the chance to share with you two thoughts about sailing engineless:

- The English Channel and the North Sea are the most gutsy areas to sail in the Northern Hemisphere when a common belief reserves all the honors of adventurous sailing to ocean crossing. Don't be mistaken: the routes that stretch along the seas in these areas require high levels of seamanship, way more than crossing the mighty Atlantic from East to West, for example, when once you set the sails and let them filled by the Trade Winds, all you gotta do is wait, be mindful with food and water supplies and enjoy the sun!

These European waters are crowded with all sorts of vessels, generously sprinkled with obstacles (wind farms the most treacherous) and veined by TSS (Traffic Separation Schemes). Navigating here means constantly minding the ever-changing tides and currents, pretty significant, and calculating your route with precision according to unstable winds and surprising shifts. The North Sea is the graveyard of many ships not for no reason!

- Things don't always go as we wish and plan, no matter how hard we work to make them happen our way! Sailing engineless gives you the stunning opportunity, pretty rare nowadays, to actually realize how Nature is the one holding the power. This puts you in the right place to fully embrace the given circumstances, practice patience and surrender to its will.

If the ship would have had an engine, they would have turned it on, without overthinking it. It could be exhausting, for sure, but how much richer would the sailing experience be, how much more interesting the story would become?

Feel free to share with us your thoughts
And you? What do you do when the wind dies or challenges you blowing against you for days and days? Do you tack or do you steam ahead?

They are expected to reach Ijmuiden and then be tugged in the canals till Amsterdam this weekend or latest early next week.

Keep sharp lookout on our socials for the updates and the announcements of the unloading events!

Photo credits: Alessandro Scarpitta
Tres Hombres Austria
Tres Hombres Austria

Age: 60
Nationality: DUTCH
Position on board: TRAINEE

Arco is the oldest crew member on board, which means absolutely nothing! After months on board he showed to himself and to the crew what a doctor in his 60s can do at sea. 

He joined Tres Hombres for a short leg during the last summer trip and he loved it so much he decided to book his bunk on board for the winter journey too. He joined the ship again in Baiona last December, with his fears and doubts, but his fast sense of humor and his great wish to be part of this adventure. And this is what he does best!

Thanks Arco for the trust you gave us in choosing our beautiful vessel once again to make your dream sail wild and far!

Read his interview on our website:

Last but not least: with this post, we close the series Meet The Crew that has been introducing you to the folks who sail cargo on Tres Hombres this winter in the past weeks. We hope you enjoyed meeting our sailors and found inspiration and answers in their experiences.

We wish to mention and thank also all the other trainees and crewmembers who joined the trip for shorter legs, not less important: Patrick, Jess, Ruby, Alessandro, Daan, Natalia, Cameron, Olivier, Martin, Micheal, Ivo.

Thank you everybody for believing in what we are doing, for your love and work. You aŕe actively supporting our efforts towards a cleaner shipping industry and a more mindful world where the Oceans are much more than just a watery highway.

Fair Winds to all !
Tres Hombres Austria
Tres Hombres Austria
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